Welcome to the Faculty of Physiotherapy website

Welcome you to our Faculty on behalf of all those are part of the centre. We hope that while you surf through the different parts of this web page we are able to give you a general view of what you can find at our degree both if you are part of the centre already or not.

Currently, the main role of the Faculty of Physiotherapy is to teach the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy, as well as being the proximity vehicle of our profession to the socioeconomic tissue and, over all, to the geographical area around the University of Vigo, the provinces of Ourense and Pontevedra. Anyway, on out centre we can find students from the whole Autonomous Community as well as from other parts of Spain or from foreign countries.

The Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy is aimed at setting the ground of the physiotherapist profession within a high quality level. This is something that has been confirmed by the opinion of employers of our graduated students, which give a high valuation to their labour development and their training, and, therefore, to the competences acquired during their education. In order to maintain this opinion and the educational level of our degree, we have specialised teaching staff which tries to stay updated and trained in the main current therapeutic methodologies. This is particularly noteworthy in those who are part of the Clinical Stays. These constitute most of the practical-clinical training in different sanitary institutions in the public and private fields, as you can see through our website.

In addition, the efficiency of this teaching role is also supported in the development of a permanent mentoring role of students since the beginning of their Physiotherapy studies, in the gradual opening of new learning ways in other Spanish and foreign universities, or in the development of extracurricular internships both in sports events and in other sanitary institutions of the Autonomous Community apart from those included in the clinical training of the Bachelor’s Degree (the Clinical Stays). With these we try to facilitate not only the students’ learner role, but also aspects like the comprehensive development of a person, an open mind, a critical spirit, or to have a wider perspective of the profession.

On the other hand, despite the historical youth of our profession within the Spanish universities, we want to also mention that we are also leading the way to the researching role. On our path of continuous improvement, the number of PhD teaching staff has raised clearly in these last years, taking part often in research programmes and PhD thesis development.

Finally, we encourage you to take part in this growing of Physiotherapy and we invite you to don’t only visit our website to get to know us better, but also to help us improve day after day with your suggestions and opinions.

A warm greeting and lots of health for all of you.

The Decanal Team