Spanish legislation, later mentioned, establishes the need for certain activities holders, depending on their characteristics, to take the necessary measures to prevent possible emergencies that may occur, as well as to establish the action criteria in the event of any of these emergencies may take place.

According to this legislation, the Self-protection Plan was drifted for the Faculty of Physiotherapy, located in the University Campus A Xunqueira, Pontevedra (Spain).

In order to create this Plan, the Basic Self-Protection Standard for centres, establishments and units dedicated to activities that may give rise to emergency situations, from now on Basic Self-protection regulation (R.D. 393/2007 of March 23, 2007) was taken into account.


The mail goal of this plan is to prevent and control the possible risks on people and goods, as well as to provide an adequate answer to emergency situations, in an area under the responsibility of the activity holder, guaranteeing its integration with the Civil Protection public system.

These are also goals of this plan:

  • To describe the premises, and the potential risk areas in its facilities and sectors
  • To identify, analyse and evaluate the own and external risks
  • To establish collaboration paths with the Civil Protection public system
  • To guarantee the premises and protection means reliability
  • To guarantee the availability of people trained and prepared people for a quick and efficient intervention
  • To guarantee an immediate intervention, evacuation or confinement (if necessary)
  • To ease the Administration Services inspection
  • To guarantee the External Aid intervention
  • To prevent from possible adverse events all those activities, centres, establishments, spaces, facilities and units listed in Annex I that may be affected by emergency situations
  • To identify the existing and necessary human and material protection means to mitigate possible events
  • To organise the human and material means and to plan their commitment
  • To meet the current regulation


Communication directory
Labour risks evaluation
Accidents Action Protocol (23/05/2016)
Teams performance in emergency situations
Meeting point: Faculty of Physiotherapy | Campus of Pontevedra
Evacuation route maps: Ground floor | First floor | Second floor