The Permanent Committee is a representative board of the Faculty Board. This Committee will decide on the issues transferred by the Faculty Board, to whom they will render account on their actions. Similarly, it will look after the fulfilment of the decision made by the Faculty Board.


Name Position
Mª Mercedes Soto González Dean
Iria da Cuña Carrera Dean
Mª del Rocío Abalo Núñez Secretary
Gustavo Rodríguez Fuentes Full-time Academic Staff
María Elena Padín Iruegas Full-time Academic Staff
Dionisio García Pomar Part-time Academic Staff
Laura Martínez Monroy Student
Marina Núñez Ocampo Administrative and Service Staff



The competences of the Permanent Committee are the following:

  • Come to agreements on topics delegated by the Faculty Board.
  • Counsel the decanal team.
  • Know and inform about as many topics as given by the dean during the exercise of his/her duties.
  • Know and inform about any topic which is competence of the Faculty Board.