The Environmental Committee was created in December 2014, when the Vice-chancellor of the Campus of Pontevedra requested its constitution due to the commitments acquired by the University of Vigo to create participation bodies in the field of environmental subjects in each Centre.

Vice-chancellor request


Mª del Rocío Abalo Núñez President (through delegation)
Mª Lourdes Maceiras García Secretary
Dionisio García Pomar Representative of the Academic Staff
Esther Monge Pereira Representative of the Academic Staff
Sofía Fidalgo González Representative of the Students
Marina Núñez Ocampo Representative of the Administrative and Service Staff



Its goals are the ones in the Green Campus programme:

  • Progressively apply a methodological adaptation of the Ecoschools Programme to the University environment.
  • Articulate the commitment acquired by the university on favour of a more sustainable and equitable development.
  • Add value to what is being done, and provide acknowledgement and stimulus to continue it, being an example for third parties.
  • Involve the university community in the environmental improvement of the participating Campus or Faculty.
  • Network with different national and international universities.

Among the actions carried out in the faculty, within the commitment achieved with the Green Campus Programme, are the eco-teachers and the eco-students.

Eco commitments


Green mobility: use public transportation, bike or walk

Bus station
986 852 408

Train Station
986 851 313


Work thematic areas

  • Water and energy consumption optimisation.
  • Waste generation reduction and selective collection improvement.
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) treatment and management and waste batteries and accumulators (WBA).
  • Atmospheric, acoustic and light pollution.
  • Sustainable mobility.
  • Healthy food.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Green shopping, fair trade and responsible consumption.
  • Environmental participation, awareness and volunteering.
  • Curricular environmentalism of the different areas of teaching and research.
  • Sustainability policy.



The Green Campus Programme confluences, very clearly in certain aspects, with the Healthy Universities programme.

The Spanish Network of Healthy Universities (REUS) was constituted on September 22, 2008, with the main goal of reinforcing the role of universities as health and well-being promoters of their students, staff and society as a set, leading and supporting processes of social changes, as it is necessary to create environments supporting health.

The environments or scenarios are places or social contexts where people develop their daily activities and in which also environmental, organisational and personal factors interact affecting the health and well-being of those who live, work, learn… there.

In our determination of making our university a health promoter, we have drafted two documents: one on healthy daily habits and a healthy recipe book.

Spanish Network of Healthy Universities (REUS)
Spanish Network of Healthy Universities (REUS) – Ministry
Healthy Universities – OMS
Healthy Universities – OPS

REUS – Healthy recipes
Healthy UNIZAR



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Links of interest

Association of Environmental Education and Consumer Affairs (ADEAC)