These are those that are performed voluntarily during the training period and that, even fulfilling the same purpose than the curricular internships, are not part of the corresponding study plan.

Students interested in perform extracurricular external internships must submit the corresponding request directed to the External Internships Coordination within the periods published for each academic year.

Deadline – Year 2023/2024:

  • From November 6 to 12, 2023
  • From February 5 to 11, 2024
  • From April 1 to April 7, 2024 (after Easter)
  • From June 17 to June 23, 2024 (only for students on 2nd year who has passed 120 ECTS)

It is important that, previous the presentation of the request in the faculty, students must contact with the centre of interest, in addition to with the physiotherapist who will act like a company mentor for the internship. Students must come to an agreement with the centre and with the physiotherapist in relation with the period and timetables for the practices. In the request to be submitted, students must also include the details of the academic mentor who will manage the internship; usually a teacher from the faculty.

In those cases in which students want to perform their internship in a centre which has not signed an agreement, the Faculty board must process the possibility of establish or not this agreement, for which the corresponding report will be drafted. In these cases, knowing the student that centre has not achieved an agreement, is important that the time between the documentation presentation and the beginning of the internship is enough to be able to sign an agreement.


Associated documentation

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