The external internships constitute an educative activity carried out by the university students and monitored by the universities with the main goal of supplement and apply, in a professional context, the competences and knowledge acquired during the degree.

The external internships can be carried out in collaborating entities, like companies or institutions, both public and private, in the national or international level.


The external internships can be carried out in two modalities:

Curricular external Internships
These are those configures as academic activities integrated as subjects within one of the study plans, like the Clinical Stays, with 42 credits a year taught in 4th year. In this subjects students must perform the clinical Practicum, the clinical sessions, the portfolio and the seminars competences. To achieve this, there are a number of centres with agreements achieved, and with a total of 30 professors/mentors for the development of Clinical Practicum, and professors for the seminars and clinical sessions, as well as two coordinators. For an adequate management of the Clinical Stays the centre count on a “External Internship management procedure” through the “Quality Guarantee System”.

Extracurricular external internships
These are those that are performed voluntarily during the training period and that, even fulfilling the same purpose than the curricular internships, are not part of the corresponding study plan.


Internships Coordinator

Esther Monge Pereira

Mª del Rocío Abalo Núñez