The Bachelor’s Degree Final Project is part of the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy Study Plan, with 9 ECTS credits

It must be a personal assessment, performed autonomously and personally under teaching mentoring, and should show the acquisition of the skills and contents associated with the degree in an integrated manner.

The BDFP should contribute to the development of the following capacities:

  • Capacity to define a project methodology and to formulate a work plan related with some of the areas of knowledge of the degree
  • Capacity to carry out the work projected
  • Capacity to present and defend the BDFP

The ownership of the intellectual property rights will correspond to the student who developed it. This ownership can be shared with the mentor.


Bachelor’s Degree Final Project – Year 2021/2022

Regulations on the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project

BDFP Documentation


BDFP Calendar 2021/2022

Deadlines Defence request BDFP submission Defence
1st deadline (October 2021) From 14/10/2021 to 25/10/2021 14/10/2021 28/10/2021
2nd deadline (1st term) From 27/01/2022 to 08/02/2022 27/01/2022 11/02/2022
3rd deadline (2nd term) From 27/05/2022 to 17/06/2022 27/05/2022 23/06/2022
4th deadline (July 2022) From 01/07/2022 to 15/07/2022 01/07/2022 21/07/2022



Coordination of the Bachelor’s Degree Final Project

Iria Da Cuña Carrera
+34 986 801 758