The places offered to perform the degree adaptation course, which can be found in the table 2 of the Annex IV, is directed to those with an official university short degree corresponding to the former university education system. In this same annex the internet addresses of every study centre to consult the information on this course, the way and a request template to submit as well as if there are or not selection criteria.

The requests (template A.2.7 of the annex V) will be submitted in the dates established in the section P.3 of the annex I, together with the documentation indicated in the section D.4 of the annex II by the means related with the section L.2 of the annex III. Whoever that does not provide all the documentation on that moment will have 3 days, counting after the end of that one, to complete it, being enough notification to these effects the information that can be found in this call on the documentation to submit. Whoever that does not submit the documentation before the deadline will be excluded of the admission process.

Each study centre will create a valuation committee for the requests admitted to evaluate which will be composed by at least a president, three spokespeople (two members of the AS and one of the ASS) and a secretary. Centres which consider it appropriate can decide that the Credit Transfer Committee should fulfil this duty.

2021/2022 Academic Year

Enrolment call 2021/2022

Centre selection criteria


Admission Calendar 2021/2022

Process Date
Requests application deadline: from June 1 to July 12
Provisional list of accepted applications:
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July 14, 2021
Claims from July 15 to July 16
Final list of accepted applications:
See the list
July 19
Provisional list of accepted people:
See the list
July 21
Claims from July 22 to July 23
Final list of accepted people:
See the list
July 27



Ordinary enrolment period: from August 30 to September 15, 2021

In the event that not all the vacancies are filled in the bridging course, it is possible to make enrolment calls every 3 days when there are waiting lists until there are no vacancies.

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