Students from the UVigo talk about the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy: video 1 | video 2 | video 3 | video 4

During the year 2020/21 the new study plan in the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy was implements to attend the new detected needs. To perform this modification there were taken into account both the degree monitoring and the accreditation reports.

The basic goal of the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy is to prepare professionals who can fulfil the requirements of a changing, multicultural and quality demanding society. Therefore, it aims to ease the acquisition of the necessary competences to provide a quality attention to the users demanding the services, both for recovery and rehabilitation of somatic dysfunctions or disabilities and for promoting health and preventing illnesses.

The preparation offered in this degree is mainly focused on the assisting role of the future graduated students, even though it also provides with the basic tools suitable for research, scientific dissemination and teaching tasks.

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