SICUE Programme

The SICUE Programme (System for Exchange between Spanish Universities) allows students to complete a study period (a term or a whole year) in a different Spanish University without losing their status in their university, this is, without having to transfer their academic records.

Our faculty has agreements for this exchange programme with almost all the national public universities teaching the Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy:

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The management of this mobility programme in the University of Vigo is carried out by the information and orientation service for students (SIOPE), in collaboration with the mobility coordinators from each centre.

This programme ensures the academic recognition of the subjects carried out in the destination university. Before the beginning of the stay, the study contract must be completed. This document, which must be approved and signed by the mobility coordinators from the origin and destination faculties, establishes the subjects carried out in the destination university which are going to be recognised locally. The study contract can be modified afterwords to adapt to possible changes during the stay in the destination university (always within the established time limits). Any change must be passed by the coordinators in the origin and destination centres, and the corresponding administrative services must be informed on the possible changes in the enrolment.

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