Position Name
President Mª Mercedes Soto González
Coordinators Mercedes Soto González
Iris Machado de Oliveira
Secretary Yoana González González
Equality Liaison Officer Mª del Rocío Abalo Núñez
Degree coordinator Lorenzo Antonio Justo Cousiño
Representative of the Academic Staff Yoana González González
Iria da Cuña Carrera
Representative of the Administrative and Service Staff Elena Vázquez Losada
Representative of the Students Vanesa Iglesias Pérez
Bruno Lemiña Ojea
Raquel Reguera Arzúa
Representative of graduated students Pablo Campo Prieto
Campus Administrator Elena Vázquez Losada
Representative of the society Perfecto Pampín Lado



They draft the Quality Manual and they establish and monitor the procedures related with the Quality Guarantee System as well as to discuss, propose and monitor the quality improvement actions, in order to continuously promote the teaching quality by all means and processes involved.

Quality Committee Regulation



2022: 27/I
2021: 12/III | 06/IV | 05/VI | 21/VII | 26/VII
2020: 10/III | 24/IV | 29/VII | 30/XI
2019: 12/III | 10/V | 23/VII
2018: 24/VII | 11/XII
2017: 07/II | 23/II | 26/V | 18/VII
2016: 15/III | 28/IV | 08/VI | 21/VII | 21/VII | 28/IX | 07/XII
2015: 11/III | 06/IV | 16/IV | 19/V | 02/VII | 14/VII | 20/X | 13/XI | 01/XII