Name Position
Gustavo Rodríguez Fuentes President
Iris Machado de Oliveira Secretary
Lorenzo Antonio Justo Cousiño Full-time Academic Staff
Dionisio García Pomar Part-time Academic Staff
Alberto Mariño García Administrative and Service Staff
Laura Martínez Monroy Representative of the Students



The following are functions of the Academic Organisation and Credit Transfer Committee

  • Study the different evaluation requests for national and foreign studies following the Validations Regulation of the University of Vigo and other applicable regulation.
  • Draft proposals on the coordination of the studies in the centre.
  • Collaborate on the timetables drafting, use of classrooms and laboratories, etc.
  • Help direction in establishing the exams dates within the periods provided by the University, by proposal of the students delegation staff and of the affected teaching staff.
  • Any other function which, related with teaching, is provided by the Faculty Board.


2023: 18/V | 5/X | 9/XI
2022: 12/V | 21/VII27/IX20/X24/XI
2021: 20/V | 20/VII30/IX
2020: 17/VII | 22/IX10/XI18/XII
2019: 16/V | 18/VII | 12/IX | 22/X
29/V | 17/VII | 18/IX | 11/XII
20/II | 18/VII | 22/IX | 16/X
2016: 01/II | 14/VII | 13/IX | 27/IX
2015: 23/VII | 23/IX | 16/X